Mr. Lee is a Co-Founder and CEO of Venture 3D and Storyoscopic Films. As CEO of Venture 3D, he accepted the prestigious Dari Award in 2011 from KOCCA for Korean Business of the Year. In May 2013, Mr. Lee was one of 15 prominent businessmen in the United States to meet with Madame President Park to discuss expanding Korean business in the global marketplace. He earned a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Business form The University of Southern California. Mr. Lee’s experience in the motion picture business include co-production, financing, foreign distribution and licensing of major Hollywood studio films in Asia. In addition, Mr. Lee was President and Founder of Sports Deal Incorporated, a sports marketing company that focused on developing and licensing major sporting events and branded product driven projects in South Korea and Japan. 

Mr. Lee was the strategic partner of Upper Deck llc. in Asia, and was the driving force behind one of the biggest success stories in the late Nineties, as Upper Deck dominated the sports and entertainment card licensing market. Currently Mr. Lee is producing the animated feature Animal Crackers starring Danny DeVito, Emily Blunt and Sylvester Stallone and directed by Tony Bancroft (Mulan). In January of last year, Mr. Lee became partners with one of Hollywood’s biggest directors, Michael Bay in a new company, 451 Media Group. He is currently a partner with Thorium Media Group in Los Angeles.



Mr. Englefield is a co-founder of the industry leading conversion company, Venture 3D, and a twenty year-veteran of the entertainment industry, whose experience includes producing the independent films The Naked Man, with Michael Rappaport and Rachel Leigh Cook andI Think I Do with Guillermo Diaz, as well as over 80 commercials, music videos and documentaries. Currently he is producing the animated feature Animal Crackers directed by Tony Bancroft (Mulan) and starring Sylvester Stallone, Emily Blunt, Sir Ian McKellen, and Danny DeVito. This year, Mr. Englefield is exec-producing the action film Valet which was written by Academy Award nominee Jason Hall (American Sniper) and producing the musical, Beyond the Velvet Rope written by Academy Award winner Ron Bass (Rainman, Dangerous Minds and My Best Friends Wedding).

In January of last year, Mr. Englefield became partners with one of Hollywood’s biggest directors, Michael Bay (Transformers, The Rock, Armageddon) in a new company, 451 Media Group. An entrepreneur blending both business savvy and entertainment expertise, Mr. Englefield has ownership in multiple companies in the U.S. including software developer, Appwagon and sneaker and life style brand, Undefeated. Mr. Englefield attended King’s College in London and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art. He is currently a partner with Storyoscopic Films in Los Angeles.

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Having studied at The University of Texas at Austin with a Business Administration Undergraduate and an MBA graduate degrees (and a professor at the University of Maryland) and having worked in the financial sector at J.P. Morgan, Sam started off strong with his first project being the seminal and critically acclaimed “Old Boy”.  Since then, Sam has invested in and produced more than 20 movies globally and currently has five more in production.  Recently, Sam partnered up with Korea's top producer J.D. Han to form Korea's hottest production company. Sam has recently moved to more global product, led by his producing the Hollywood animated feature, Animal Crackers starring real life husband and wife, Emily Blunt and John Krazinsk. Staying true to his roots, Sam also just presented his latest movie, KTown Cowboys at the South By Southwest Film Festival to approving audiences.



Henry is the CEO of commercial production house Luminous US, which has produced commercials and content for some of the biggest brands, such as Samsung, Kia, Google, Facebook, Sony, and many more.

He has consulted for and directed multimedia storytelling and marketing campaigns for these brands in countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Morocco, Rwanda, etc.

He is also co-founder and editor-in-chief of one of the world’s leading contemporary art sites, Empty Kingdom, he is responsible for leading a worldwide creative agency representing over 50 fine artists in every continent. Empty Kingdom represents artists and creates experiences for events such as SXSW, Miami Art Basel, Amsterdam Art Fair, and more.