Storyoscopic Films is a production company formed by leading 3D conversion company Venture 3D’s founders Marcus Englefield and George Lee who brought you Titanic in 3D with James Cameron and 40 other 3D feature films with major studios.  Partners also include veteran entertainment industry executive Sam Chi. The goal of the company is to produce high-quality animation and genre films with a budget range of $15 million to $40 million that lend themselves to a global audience. The partners have reaped great success in putting together multiple media and entertainment investments between Hollywood and China, highlighted by the recent deal between Michael Bay’s 451 Media Group and Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co. Ltd.

Storyoscopic Films’ recent projects include the animated feature film Animal Crackers, directed by Tony Bancroft (Mulan) and starring Emily Blunt, Sylvester Stallone, Sir Ian McKellen, Danny DeVito, and John Krasinski. The film is produced by Storyoscopic Films, Blue Dream Studios, Wenhua Dongrun, and China Film Group, who are also handling distribution in China. 

In addition, the principles were executive producers on the animated feature films Charming, starring Demi Lovato, Sia, Gem and Wilmer Valderama and also Gnome Alone, featuring Becky G and George Lopez.

Currently, the principles are wrapping the animated feature film Trouble, starring Snoop Dogg, Lucy Hale, Betty White and Big Sean.

In live action action, the company is executive producing the action-packed films November Man 2 with Pierce Brosnan, and Valet, which is written by Oscar-nominated writer Jason Hall (American Sniper) and to be directed by Assaf Bernstein ( Fauda ) and starring Noah Centineo.

Storyoscopic is currently wrapping the feature film Danger Close, starring Travis Fimmel and Luke Bracey 

In television, the company is producing the life style docuseries show, Shakewell, which is centered around the world of street art and the company is also executive producing the second season of the Netflix show, Dramaworld with 3rd Culture Content and Propagate.

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